Colour in Spring
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Spring is the perfect time to give a room or two a makeover.  Because it’s Spring, you are also more likely to go for a much brighter and happier colour palette.  Before you choose the main colour for a room consider the light already in the room and the direction.  If the room is naturally dark, you are likely to choose colours which are light and airy whereas if it is a naturally light room then maybe you could go with a darker, more dramatic colour without compromising on the light.

It is also important to give careful consideration to the purpose of the room as this can immediately dictate the colour palette ie. pink for a girls room, blue for a boys.  Why not experiment, especially with children’s rooms, they grow up so fast and their worlds are changing around them at such a fast pace so you could have some great fun with colour.

Above all, it must be a colour that you love, not necessarily that you think will work best, it needs to do both.  You have be go with what feels the most comfortable to you.  Sometimes, I find it is best to go with a shade lighter than what it looks on the charts as its always darker on a bigger space than on a sample card.

Some lovely, bright, spring images to inspire you.

Spring Tulips      Spring Colours

Happy Painting xx