The “Rock Chic” Rocking Chair
The “Rock Chic” Rocking Chair rock-chic-2-smlrock-chic-3-smlrock-chic-1-sml

The “Rock Chic” Rocking Chair

Caroline’s bespoke “Rock Chic” chair was exhibited at the ‘London New Designers Show’ in 2002 and from that she was picked out of 1000’s to be one of the “New Creators” and exhibited at Helmshore Textile Museum for the ‘Lancashire Art & Craft Initiative’ in 2003.

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The “Rock Chic” chair is made for reclining, structurally it retains its upright position with the use of weights in the foam base.  The birch plywood gives it a contemporary look with an ultra hard, durable finish, made using traditional wood bending techniques. Taking anthropometrics into consideration a series of testing and evaluations where carried out in order to achieve the desired shape for the purpose of supporting the lumbar region.  The prototype was ergonomically designed to fit the average British lady but can be made any size.  Once the user is seated, just one gentle push off the floor will allow the chair to rock continually at a slow, relaxed pace.   The chair allows the user to adopt a reclined position and has a backrest that is contoured to the shape of the lumbar, which will minimize the loading on the spine and maximize the overall level of comfort.

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