Boutique Chic
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Boutique Chic

My client wanted a glamorous luxurious feel for this living space so the overall look in the room is known as ‘boutique chic’.  It is primarily a ‘grown up’ space.  The choice of furniture I chose was a mixture of shapes, styles and finishes giving an informal, comfortable and harmonious feel.  The soft furnishings used are luxurious and opulent, they are a mixture of contrasting textural effects and include sumptuous velvets with shimmering silks, damask sheers, satin, faux fur and leather.

The colour pallet of varying grey tones, silver metallics, black, slate and white have a calming effect and all blend and contrast beautifully with each other.   The patterns are a mixture of animal skin effect, stripes, and damasks with rich moody plains.

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