Frank Lloyd Wright House for Sale
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After lovingly restoring their Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home over a 20 year period, it’s with a heavy heart that Lawrence and Sharon Tarantino are putting their New Jersey house on the market. Unfortunately for them, with a regularly flooding river nearby it means there’s no other option. To make sure the beautiful house is saved however, the couple have listed it with the proviso that the new owner must move it somewhere safer.

Even with the Wright’s name attached to it, at $950,000 USD plus relocation costs it was going to be a hard sell, but apparently an Italian architect is already interested in moving the house to Fiesole – a hilltop town near Florence, where Frank Lloyd Wright once lived. To do this, the house will need to be painstakingly taken down piece by piece, transported, and then reassembled at the other end. Wish him luck!