Our Philosophy
As a designer I think about what we are leaving behind for our future generations I believe we have a responsibility to be eco-friendly and to think globally and act locally.

Sustainability, longevity and recyclability are important influences in my design thought process. I try to think about the impact my designs have on our environment where possible. Good design stands the test of time and shouldn’t be a quick fix; it should be classic and beautiful, whether it is contemporary or traditional.  Lifespan and durability of products are an important factor in my designs.

My style emerges for an interior from the moment I step foot in the space, or, indeed, from the first conversation I have with my client.  More importantly, the clients likes and dislikes come into the process and a style will emerge in my mind for the space.

I choose the simplest solutions to solving the problems, which will work best in the space but make no concessions on the quality of the finished look and feel.  I try to harnesses the dramatic qualities of the space, and if there is none, I will create them.

There is something strikingly contemporary in eliminating what is ostentatious and superfluous, although, some styles demand this and it is my job as a designer to strike that balance.  Understanding the balance between beauty and utility is important, good interiors can create a simpler life.

Caroline Butterworth BA(Hons)

Interior Designer